USB Charging Coil Lighter – Metal Gold Leather

USB Charging Coil Lighter – Metal Gold Leather
Easy charging system anytime, anywhere!

1. Convenient slide type : Slide the coil next to it to catch fire.
2. Very fast Ignition : The coil is heated in a very short time. Heating time of about 1 second.
3. Automatic shut-off : 5 seconds after the slide is open, even if the automatic fire.
4. USB lighter alloy materials of the best quality.
5. Not turned off by wind.
6. PC / Laptop / Car can be charged from a USB port easily.
7. 1 hour quick charge, one charge can be used up to 100 times.

• Material : Alloy
• Size : 3.5cm * 5cm * 1.2cm(Except for the handle ring)
• Weight : 69g
• Color : Random(Black or Brown)




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