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Versatile sterilizing deodorant



1.Deodorizing capabilities than the Charcoal is excellent.
2.Multifunctional deodorant to remove harmful gases, odors, bacteria, viruses, and moisture.
3.Combines the disinfectant and deodorant.
4.Harmful gas removal of up to tenfold than hardwood charcoal.
5.Obtaining a patent in Korea.

- Applied to the material inside the non-woven fabric pack.
- harmful gases and adsorption treatment of odor.
- Advanced porous materials used in semiconductor clean rooms.

- Applied to the outside of the non-woven fabric pack.
- Semiconductor sputtering method using silver deposition technology.
- 6-7 times compared to the existing nano-silver sterilization.

How to use
• Sick Building Syndrome and the new furniture smell removal.
• Formaldehyde and noxious gas and odor removal.
• Remove bacteria and viruses.
• Eliminate moisture and prevent mold.

• Size : 9cm * 12.5cm * 2.5cm
• 1 set : Pocket, Nonwoven Fabric Pack 2
• Product Life Cycle : After unpacking can be used for about four months.
• Made in Korea



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